It’s been a weird summer for us. And the weirdness is continuing into fall.

Most of you have only been “with us” for a couple months, which means that you probably don’t know that the Passion Profile Quiz is actually a really new thing for us. We launched it in August! And since then, multiple thousands of people have taken it.

Mind = blown.

When we created the quiz, we never expected people to love it and relate as deeply to it as they have. Our favorite feedback so far is when someone called it “terrifyingly accurate.” (Haha! … we’re choosing to take that as a compliment.)

But there’s a flip side to all of the exciting things about rapid growth. It’s kind of like being thrown in to an “AP Life” class, where the homework assignments are piling up faster than you can count, and you’re close to spinning out of control and/or having a mental breakdown.

And when you have way too much to do, and not enough time to do it in, something has got to change.


Eek! It’s hard to say that out loud. Because honestly, we’ve been worried what you might think.

It’s become pretty clear in the past few weeks that we can’t keep accommodating the level of free sessions we’re doing and also hold on to our sanity.

And like so many people are accustomed to doing, we immediately started worrying about what you might think if we prioritized our own needs.

What if you guys thought we didn’t want to help as many people? What if you were disappointed?

We’ve loved doing free breakthrough sessions! And people have really benefitted from them. We were almost willing to sacrifice our own peace of mind in order to keep up the pace, continuing helping everyone, and not disappoint anyone.


But we didn’t. Instead, we decided to do the scarier thing and make a change … regardless of what people might think of us.

And do you know what happened when we decided? We came up with an awesome idea that works for us and everyone else.


Coming to terms with the idea of letting free breakthrough coaching sessions go opened us up to a whole ‘nother idea … what if we created a simple, affordable, & powerful way to work with us that benefits people much more than just a free 30-minute session?

Almost instantly, the Passion Power Hour was born.

It’s a 60-minute session that comes with a lot of awesome bonuses. It also happens to be the perfect way to “try coaching on for size,” because we’re allowing people to apply the cost of the Power Hour to any future 1-on-1 coaching … like a mini-deposit on coaching!

If you want to check it out, click below:

Power Hour image for Coaching page


We realized that what was overwhelming us about the influx of free coaching requests was not to be able to control the flow. We felt like we were reacting instead of being proactive … and if you know us at all, you know how important being proactive is to us.

So, instead of getting rid of free breakthrough sessions entirely, every month or two we’re going to email you to let you know we’re making room on our calendars for a handful of free sessions. They’ll be on a first-come, first-served basis, and once they’re all snatched up we’ll wait a while to do another round.

Everybody wins! And maintains their sanity in the process. 🙂


twitter-bird If you’re totally resistant to change, you’re blocking SO many good ideas from taking form.

If we’d clung to the old way of doing free breakthrough sessions, we’d have lost our sanity and missed out an idea that feels SO GOOD (actually, it feels even better) to implement.

Having the courage to say “no” to things that are no longer working opens you up to everything that will work for you.

So, we’ll see you on your own Passion Power Hour! Or in a breakthrough session, the next time we offer them! 🙂

Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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