Who do you think came up with the notion that “hard work” = benefit? Because whoever it was, they sure created a whole mess of trouble for the world.

Well, to all of you who think the only route to doing well in anything is “hard work or bust” … you’ve got another thing coming (and we think you’ll like it).

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This is something we learned in yoga. Particularly that if showing up to a yoga class meant being able to do every posture 100% perfectly to receive 100% of the benefit … then no one would show up.

That’s not the point of yoga, and that’s not the point of life, either.

You can benefit completely from anything … as long as you give 10% of your purest effort.

When your effort isn’t pure, it means that your intention behind the effort is hazy, unclear, or maybe even completely non-existent. (It’s like going to yoga, even though you hate it, because you think you “should.”) And anything you do from a place of hazy intention is going to make your effort feel like work hard work. Everything starts to feel like a slog or a struggle, and nothing feels easy and natural.

“Pure effort” is different. It means that you’re very clear on your intention. Whatever you’re doing, it’s for reasons that are completely right for you. When you come from a place of pure effort, you might look like you’re working hard, but you won’t actually feel that way, because everything just feels natural and easy.

And like most things that are powerfully concentrated … you’ll only need a drop to get you massive results.

twitter-birdTrust that 10% pure effort can get you 100% benefit #ClarityGems

So how can you put in just 10% of pure effort to get a massive result? Let us know in the comments!


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Kristen + Rachel

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