At first glance this week’s #ClarityGem could sound a little trite. You might be all: “Eyeroll … Yeah, I’m my most valuable asset … blah blah … give me something less fluffy.”

But this is one of those Truths (with a capital “T”) that we’re reminding you of specifically because people glaze over it all the time. Classics are classics for a reason, after all, so let’s see if this one hits you in a way you’d never considered before …

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This week, we want you to know:

most valuable asset

Apply it to your own life:

This entire thought deserves to be expanded on word-for-word. Greg McKeown, who wrote our new favorite book (Essentialism), says it perfectly:

“The best asset we have for making a contribution to the world is ourselves. If we underinvest in ourselves, and by that I mean our minds, our bodies, and our spirits, we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution.”

Damaging your assets can show up in any way you can think of. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep or not honoring your physical well-being. Maybe you’re saying “yes” to things you don’t want to do, ignoring your intuition, or refusing to spend money on personal development. Or perhaps you’re spending money on all the wrong things in order to fill an emotional void.

Doesn’t really matter what it is. Everyone does it in some way, and it all leads to the same conclusion:

twitter-birdYou can’t get what you want if you steal from yourself. #ClarityGems

So, tell us, how could you un-damage, re-invest in, and give more value to your own best asset?

Tell us how you took action:

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What #ClarityGems are all about:

Sometimes it’s just better to avoid long blog posts and cut straight to the point!

Think of #ClarityGems as your weekly shake of the good ‘ole Magic 8 Ball … you never know what might bubble up, and how it might be exactly what you need to hear today.

And instead of just a beautiful, inspirational, and shareable image (which is a nice start), we’re giving you some quick thoughts about how to apply it to your life … because inspiration without action is pretty, but kind of anti-climatic.

Tweet it, share it on Instagram, or forward it along to someone who needs to hear it today … and tag us (@ClarityonFire) to let us know how this Gem applies to you!

Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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