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Independence. Self-reliance. Making it on your own.

These are things we pride ourselves on, at least in the Western world. But what if “going it alone” was actually just … lonely?






When did we learn that needing help was needy?

How many of us can relate to feeling weak, disadvantaged, or even pathetic for feeling unable to do something on our own?

We stubbornly cling to the idea that it’s somehow better for us to be able to do things solo. Why? Who knows … maybe because if we don’t have help, no one else can take credit for our ingenuity, creativity, street smarts, or other abilities.

When we’re on our own, we get to “prove” something. And with no help, we get all the glory.

But does all that solo glory actually feel glorious? Or was having no help more stressful, lonely, and frustrating than anything else?

Needing support isn’t shameful. It’s human nature.

We weren’t hard-wired to live and work in isolation. We certainly weren’t built to thrive alone (if anything, being alone meant dying, for most of the human experience).

Your intelligence, creativity, and capability aren’t in question just because you need (or want) support. You’re not weak, either. It just means that you’d prefer to exercise your abilities in connection with other humans.

Congratulations, you’re a normal person.

twitter-bird We’re hard-wired to need support. It’s the most natural thing on Earth. #ClarityGems

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Honestly, this (the human need for support) is why people like us — life coaches and personal trainers and nutritionists and recruiters … basically all of the “helping” professions — exist.

We’re here to take the thought and angst out of the process of life.

When you’re not solely responsible for your own evolution, change can actually be fun, lighthearted, and even (dare we say?) … full of ease.

We know a lot about figuring out your passion, finding career direction, and having a fulfilling and inspiring life. And, if you’d like, we’re here to lead you through that process.

The PPVE is back, and enrollment will close on Wednesday, January 27th. (You can also still get a $50 discount code, which expires tomorrow.)




There’s nothing quite like the sheer relief of not having to figure it out on your own anymore.

We’ve taken the thought, angst, worry, and confusion out of the process of finding your passion, and replaced it with clear steps that we lead you through, week by week for 4 weeks.

By the end, you’ll have figured out what your passion is and what it means to you, plus you’ll be very clear on where to go next. 

We’ve done this with hundreds of people, and it works … or else people wouldn’t keep coming to us for clarity and direction.

There’s a complete page of details, so we’ll only share a couple things you won’t want to gloss over:

Past PPVE-ers have said, and we quote, “it’s the best money I ever spent” and “this should be mandatory for literally everyone.”

If this feels right for you at this point in your life, we hope to see you in there!

Here’s to not having to do it alone,

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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