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Have you ever procrastinated making a big decision because you were trying to figure out every piece of the unknown before taking a risk?

It used to happen to us personally all the time, and now we see it happen to other 20- and 30-somethings …


Whether it’s “Should I quit this boring job?” or “Is this relationship really right for me?” or “Should I completely change up my career path so that I can do something that matters to me?” … It’s way too easy to spend months (and even years) obsessing and worrying over the details and not actually getting anywhere.

In this week’s Clarity Gem, we’re talking about:

Do you know anyone who’s trying really hard to think their way through a big decision (but who’s getting nowhere)? We’d love for you to share this with them!

Listen now by clicking below or download for later.

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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