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A couple of years ago, my client (who we’re very mysteriously dubbing) “V” felt quite literally trapped.

The pandemic was still raging and she was working for a company whose workload and hours were so demanding that the only time she went outside every day was for her dog. Otherwise, it was a wake up/work/eat sometimes/work until midnight or later/repeat kind of situation.

She dreamed of a life somewhere abroad – maybe in Europe or Latin America – where she could wake up slowly, meditate for 30 minutes, make a leisurely breakfast, and maybe even take a walk! Where she could take her time on her work, rather than juggling too many projects at once and being hounded by constant meetings.

Maybe after work she’d go to dinner with friends, go take a ceramics class, or have time to date some beautiful men!

It sounds like something out of a movie, and it did to V, too … back then. Except now, V lives in Spain and that daydream is her life. She made it happen in less than a year! And it wasn’t nearly as hard as you’d think. 

Listen in as we chat about …

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There comes a point where you’re ready to stop hoping things will change and start knowing they will.

You’re probably very clear about what you don’t want out of your life and career, but know you need to dive a whole lot deeper into what you do want. 

You might be a little nervous about the prospect of massive change … but at this point in your life, you deeply understand that the only real risk is not changing.

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