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Full disclosure: Ever since my client Terece first told me she was planning to write a book (a lifelong dream of hers), I knew I’d eventually want to bring her back on the podcast to talk about it. 

I’ve had the joy of seeing Terece’s massive transformation over the last few years from a self-doubting people-pleaser (see my original interview with her on ditching perfectionism) to someone who’s confident in who she is and is committed to expressing herself authentically. 

Because of that, I knew her book-writing journey would be profound. 

Now that she’s completed her book and is in the final stages of editing and promoting it (make sure to check out her pre-sale campaign!), she’s back to share just how intense, vulnerable, emotional, and ultimately satisfying it’s been to turn her vision into a reality.

Listen in to hear Terece and I talk about…

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Attached is my debut novel and passion project. I’ve had this story in my mind for two years now and am finally ready to share it with the world, or ready as I will ever be. As a recovering people pleaser and caregiver this is also a self-imposed, self-development, graduate level project that ultimately gets my voice out into the world in all of its glory. The good, the bad, and the deep. It is equal parts terrifying and exciting to share this story with you all as well as my journey on how I got here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to this podcast episode, and if you are new to self-development you have found your people here at Clarity on Fire. Clarity on Fire and Kristen Walker have helped me define my dreams and supported me to make them come true. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their wise words and Kristen’s coaching. Thank you for all you do!

Pre-order Attached here. 

Follow Terece on Instagram @terecehahn_author. 


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  1. I LOVE THIS!! Yay, Terece, what an accomplishment. I’m so glad the silence of the mountains started the brewing of this magical story inside of you. I especially love hearing that this has been years in the making. I also appreciated hearing that your life experiences as a nurse and nurse practitioner primed you with the knowledge and compassion to write your book’s characters. And quadruple kudos for going the independent publishing route! Such a good episode and one I’ll need to listen to again to take in all magical creative synchronicities.

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