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Since we became coaches almost nine years ago, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from clients, “I feel lonely. It’s hard to make friends. I wish there was a way to connect with other people who are interested in personal development and deep conversations.”

And so often, we wished we could play platonic matchmaker and gather all of these individuals together and let them make friends with each other. It’s been a bucket list idea for ages!

Until now, that is. Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁 …

We’re finally starting a Clarity on Fire Community!

Big thanks and kudos to Madison, one of Kristen’s former clients and our new Community Ambassador. Like the Firestarter she is, she took initiative and asked if she could lead the way, to which we said a fervent YES! Without her, this wouldn’t be happening right now.

Read on for details about how to join, what you can expect, and how to win a single coaching session with us! Or, listen to the announcement episode on the podcast!


We’ve decided to create our community on Patreon! For those who don’t know, Patreon is a platform for content creators that allows them to receive very small, monthly contributions from fans — people who love their work and want to support them, and who also get special access to fan-only content.

There are two tiers you can choose to join:

For those of you who join “The Flame” tier, mark your calendars! The first community Zoom is happening on Sunday, March 28, at 1pm EST. This inaugural hangout is going to be book-club style! Choose between joining a breakout discussion of either Untamed by Glennon Doyle or The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

And when you sign up for either tier by next Friday, March 12, we’ll enter you into a drawing! Two lucky patrons will win a free single coaching session with one of us. 🙂

Become a patron, here.  And then go introduce yourself on the first post, so you can start connecting with other COF people!

We’re most excited to collaborate with our patrons on what this can become! (In-person meetups when COVID is over, we’re looking at you.) As a patron, we’ll be asking you to tell us what kind of bonus content you’re craving, how the monthly meetups can be as fun and meaningful as possible, and what new things we can try together.

See you in there!


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  1. Yay, I’m so happy you’re doing this! One day soon, I’ll have something to list in the Website” line. 🤗 talk you ya soon on Zoom

  2. Sounds awesome! Being an Aussie fan, the timezone probably won’t make it worthwhile for me at the moment – but I’ll keep an eye out on what the bonus content is and may be an occasional patreon for either bonus content or a quarterly hang out – as long as it’s not too early for me 😀

      1. Yes! It’s funny how we talk about the ‘global village’ and the world getting smaller because of the internet and airplane travel – but one thing we are never going to be able to change is time difference XD Although I do hope I one day see a magic pill to cure jet lag invented! 😀

  3. So excited to be a part of this new Patreon Community and can’t wait to “meet” new people. Loving the book options for book club – and can’t wait to discuss!

    1. So glad you decided to join, Alyx! And I agree — Madison picked some great books for the first book-club-style session. I’m reading The Midnight Library now (in solidarity!) and loving it.

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