We were shocked to recently learn that 85% of people are living their lives in a catabolic state.

Say what?

Let’s break it down: In any situation, you can respond in an anabolic (positive) way or a catabolic (negative) way. But what happens when you spend the majority of your life in either anabolic OR catabolic energy?

People who have mostly anabolic thoughts, reactions, and relationships experience a lot of the following: peace, compassion, wisdom, joy, non-judgment, passion, acceptance, synthesis & creation. And here’s the kicker—anabolic energy actually heals the body, so these people are physically healthier, in addition to being happier.

Unfortunately, according to Bruce Schneider (founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) 85% of the population lives in catabolic energy the majority of their lives. How can you recognize these sorts of people (or figure out if you’re one of them)?

Catabolic people often:

We all know that it’s no fun to hang out with negative people, and it’s even worse to feel consumed by our own negative stress, confusion, anger, and avoidance. But the scariest part of catabolic energy is that it releases real-life chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, which actually eat away at our cells. Negative energy is literally consuming us from the inside out…which is the best reason we can think of to shift out of negativity.

Thankfully, the point of coaching is to shift you into higher, positive levels of energy. Instead of telling you to superficially “think positive thoughts” every second (which feels fake and unattainable), we go in at the root and “replant” the seeds of thought by helping you recognize your default patterns. After we’ve helped you deconstruct your blocks, there’s room for new, positive thoughts and patterns to take over.

Think you may be part of that 85%? Want to give coaching a shot to see if it’s right for you? Hit us up for a free breakthrough coaching session here.

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