Bonus Book Club! The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Artist’s Way

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Calling all fellow bookworms, library nerds, and general lovers of literature — it’s time for another book club episode of the podcast!

Whenever there are five Fridays in a month, we devote the extra Friday to a book that we can’t get enough of. In this episode, we’re diving into an age-old classic, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. 

To be VERY honest, when we say “can’t get enough,” in this case we did get enough. Too much, even. Like, “throw this book across the room” levels of enough-ness.

And not because this book is awful. Quite the opposite! It’s more like, too hot to handle. If you’ve got ~stuff~ … this book is going to bring it up. And you best be ready when it does! Listen in as we talk about:

  • Why we were triggered by this book, and why Rachel in particular had a detox-level reaction to it!
  • The two weekly activities you can do to unblock yourself, creatively or otherwise.
  • Why this book is excellent for people stuck for any reason, not just in an artistic sense.
  • Some next-level ideas that were new, even to us!

After you listen, leave a comment below to share how this conversation landed with you!


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