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There’s not much worse than wanting your life and relationships to change — to deeply thrive — and not seeing or understanding why you can’t seem to get there.

One of the silent causes behind SO many relationship woes (romantic, of course, but ALL of them, including the ones you have at work and with work) is your attachment style.

Never heard of it? Well, you need to! And we happen to have the person to teach you all about it. 

On this month’s interview with an expert, we talked to therapist Shira Myrow about the nuances of attachment. Listen in as we explore…

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Shira is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and relationship expert who is deeply committed to helping people heal from traumatic experiences and turning dysfunctional relationships into secure ones.

Shira’s hybrid approach includes the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy which focuses on empowering couples and individuals to learn how to attune with their emotions, unhook from perpetual conflict patterns and create a clear road map for resilient relationships. Shira also has a special focus on treating attachment disorders for adult children of severely mentally ill parents.

Shira is also a writer, podcast host, educator and speaker. She has been a Ted X speaker and TED Women Leadership presenter and has been a featured writer in Goop and a guest on multiple outlets and publications.

You can find her at Shira Myrow Therapy and on Instagram @shiramyrow_mft


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