How to spot bad vs. good coaching (and some announcements!)


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If you’re hanging ‘round these parts, you probably have an affinity for coaching and all the things that come with it: personal development, self-awareness, growth, vulnerability, and asking big, existential questions.

But the coaching world is as lawless as the wild west. Anyone can call themselves a coach and get away with it! In fact, we’ve met quite a few people who’ve come away worse than they started after working with a so-called coach.

So, in this special non-blog episode of the podcast, we wanted to give you some pointers about what makes for good and bad coaching, so that you know what to expect and can avoid the occasional charlatan or swindler. 

We’re talking about…

  • A couple stories of bad coaches doing more damage than good.
  • Why giving advice is completed unrelated to coaching.
  • Why good coaches don’t always take you seriously when you say you want something.
  • How bad coaching gives band-aid solutions, while good coaching cures what ails you at the root level.

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Our online group coaching program, the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, is open for enrollment for the last time EVER now through Wednesday, January 29 (or when we hit 50 people, whichever comes first).

Early bird enrollment is going on right now! That means if you sign up before this Friday the 24th, you can get the course for $369 instead of the usual $469.

  • It’s a 6-week course that helps you figure out what to do with your life. Think of it as the “AP Life” class you should have taken in high school, but never got the chance!
  • The content is a mix of videos, workbook assignments, and interaction with us and the rest of the group in a private forum.
  • You’ll have forever access to the content, even though this is the last time we’re running the course.
  • We’re only taking 50 people in this round, and enrollment is first-come, first-served. If you want in, you definitely don’t want to dally.

The PPVE content is the same process we take all of our 1-on-1 coaching clients through, which means there’s never going to be a more affordable way to get access to deep, transformative coaching than this!

Sign up here when you’re ready!


We’re hosting a live, virtual workshop on Monday, January 27, at 7:30pm EST!

Getting What You Want in 2020: Live Workshop with Q&A

This will be great for you if…

  • You’re tired of not getting what you want (but don’t quite know how to break the cycle that you’re in).
  • You’d love to commit to something (a goal, a better version of yourself) but doubt your ability to follow through.
  • You’ve been trying to think your way into making life changes, but keep finding yourself back at square one.
  • You want to hear our latest takes on finding fulfillment, passion, and satisfaction (in your life & career) … a lot has changed since we first started talking about this 6 years ago!

We almost never do live workshops, so don’t miss out! If you’re there live, you’ll be able to ask questions during our Q&A segment. But if you can’t make its, that’s OK, too. We’ll send a replay video to anyone who registers!


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