Raise your hand if you feel that you could make a full-time job out of just taking good care of yourself (and the people and pets in your life).

We think it’s really overwhelming how many things the average person is responsible for in their daily life — cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of pets (not to mention children and aging parents!), shuttling yourself and others to and fro, calling customer service when something goes wrong or doesn’t work, doctors’ appointments, exercise, drinking enough water, and on and on — and that’s not including your actual full-time job!

It’s nothing short of a travesty how most humans sacrifice the vast majority of their time to earn a living, and therefore have no time to actually live.

It’s no wonder so many of us are anxious or depressed. We live in a world that makes being human more of a chore than it is enjoyable.

So, how do we break free of this cycle? How do we actually feel like we’re living, not just working or taking care of our basic needs?

We’re talking about that in a brand new side chat. Listen in as we talk about …

It’s about 30 minutes, which is the perfect length for your commute, a walk, or a break from the office. You can either play it right here on the page or download and save it for later.

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And after you’ve listened, we want to hear from you! Leave a comment below to share your answer to a question we asked at the very end of the conversation.


If you’re tired of feeling like “working” and “living” are two separate things, then listen up:

It’s 100% possible to have a career that you feel passionate about AND that fits you so well that it doesn’t feel like work anymore … just living, 24/7.

If that sounds awesome to you, but you haven’t been able to figure out how to make it happen, then we have something coming in a few short weeks:

On Tuesday, May 16th, we’re re-launching the Passion Profile Short Course. It’s the easiest, quickest way to find the intersection between your career and passion.

If you took the Passion Profile Quiz, loved your result (Firestarter, Tribe Member, Thriver, or Side Hustler), and were thinking, “I want a career that makes me feel like THIS,” then this is definitely going to be for you.

The PPSC is always available — it’s the only course we have that anyone can buy at any time. BUT, we haven’t updated the content since we first launched it 2 years ago.

On May 16th, we’re re-launching the PPSC to include everything new we’ve learned in the past 2 years about how to connect your career and passion. More than 350 people have taken the course in that time, which means you’ll be benefitting from all of their insights and experience, too.

This re-launch is going to include a free online workshop, an early bird discount, and a couple of new bonuses you’ve never seen before. You don’t need to do anything yet; just keep your eyes peeled for emails from us over the next few weeks! 🙂


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As you can imagine, when two best friends run a business together, there’s SO MUCH MORE good stuff — insights, revelations, struggles — that we’re talking about behind the scenes than what you’re reading in blog posts.

Our random back-and-forth conversations — while we’re supposed to be “working,” while we’re eating tacos, while we’re chilling in sweatpants on the couch — aren’t planned at all, and that’s why they’re good … anything can and does come up.

We always find ourselves having these good conversations and thinking, “It’d be cool if people could listen in to this, fly-on-the-wall style.” So, we decided to just press “record” and start sharing with you!

Catch up on previous conversations in the Side Chat Archive.


Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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  1. I think the only issue is that people are willing to give up this interdependence/connectedness aspect so that they don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of other people – having other people in your space, having to work around someone else’s timings or deal with other people’s emotions/personalities. Can you imagine living in the same house as the rest of your family? It can be hard if your relationships are not always

    Independence is also a very Western ideal. India, for example, has a lot more interdependence and community culture (vs. individual and independence). China is also another example. But westerners criticise these cultures for their lack of self expression and individualism.

    1. Totally agree, SJ! There are pros and cons to being closely connected with people in your life, and one of the big cons and is not feeling like you have the space to express yourself. Large groups can often produce a “groupthink” situation where you’re pressured to be, think, or do things like everyone else, which can be stifling.

      Maybe I’m an idealist, but I think there are ways for us Westerners to pick and choose from both ends of the spectrum and cultivate our own balance when it comes to interdependence. I think it’s possible to both support and be supported by other people AND have boundaries with those people so that you still retain your personal space and individuality. I think it just takes a lot of trial and error and a lot of very transparent communication! This is something I have to coach a lot of people around because setting boundaries, particularly with family, doesn’t come naturally to many of us!

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