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Sometimes change happens super gradually, and sometimes in lightning strikes. Ryan’s was definitely the latter.

Ten years ago, on a seemingly random walk through London, Ryan Mathie experienced a profound breakdown that became a huge breakthrough.

Since then, he’s been incredibly motivated to help other people see how much they’re getting in their own way (like he was, pre-breakthrough), and help them set themselves free. He really LOVES busting through blocks, so we challenged him to help our listeners bust through their oldest, crustiest problems.

We picked submissions from six listeners for Ryan to tackle, and he totally delivered. We got into questions like:

We also got into what almost every submission we got had in common and what’s often at the root of our most difficult blocks, regardless of what it may look like on the surface.

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Ryan Mathie, 39, was born in the small town of Bellshill in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. At 20, Ryan moved to London where he lived for 18 years, with a short spell in the US before moving to Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in the idyllic southeast corner of the UK.

Ryan’s mastery developed over the last 10 years after a profound transformative experience while walking through the streets of Bethnal Green, London. He went on to work with one of the world’s leading organizations in personal development and growth as a Senior Coach and Program Leader. He has worked and continues to work with, be mentored and coached by some of the most progressive, transformational coaches and leaders in the industry.

With more than 13,000 hours of experience, he has coached over a thousand people all over the world, including multimillionaires, CEOs, actors and artists. He is regarded by his peers as one of the most highly trained and experienced coaches in the world.

Ryan loves people and their lives, talking for hours, dogs, running up and down mountains, playing golf, recycling and being on time.

Find Ryan on his website, connect with him on LinkedIn, and check out We Only Work Online, his joint venture that helps you become a digital nomad.


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  1. This was great! Thank you Rachel, kristen and Ryan! As Ryan was addressing “W” a question came to mind for “W” to ask herself. And that is – “Is there anyone in my life who would have a problem with me succeeding?” We have a tendency to lower our awareness to be associated with others. It’s the ultimate trap. It is essential to find others who not only want us to succeed, but demand it, in order to make a better world. So if we’re people-pleasing those who want to keep us small, it’s torture for those who want greatness.

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