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One of the hardest lessons I have to learn over and over again is that you will never be done.

Ugh. It would just be WAY more convenient if life was arranged into predictable milestones that I could work toward at a reasonable pace and achieve with stunning regularity, thank-you-very-much!!

And I also love control! When getting what I want depends on how much I’m perfecting myself and my actions, then at least I can make things happen.

Sadly for me, and probably you too, life refuses to comply with my wishes. And yet … sometimes, that’s incredibly good news. Which is why I brought on my client, Solange, for this month’s interview with a normal person. It turns out that you can get things that feel too good to be true, without being “done” or the most perfect version of yourself!

Listen in as Solange and I talk about… 

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