Side Chat: Why dating & job searching are the same thing

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We’ve had a few clients come to us recently with career conundrums they just could not figure out. They’d looked at it from every angle and were only getting more confused about what they should do.

And yet, like magic, when we asked them to stop thinking of their job (either the one they have or the one they want) like a job, and start thinking of it like a person they were dating, all of a sudden the answers appeared.

Job searching and dating are almost exactly the same thing. And the sooner you adopt this mentality, the better off you’ll be (whether you’re “on the market” romantically or professionally speaking!).

In this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re getting into… 

  • Why desperation drives both lovers and employers away.
  • How codependence shows up on the job search and on the dating scene.
  • Why trying to be impressive on first dates and interviews is never going to work for you, and how to show up instead.
  • Setting the ground rules for how you expect to be treated in your career and in your romantic relationships.
  • How to handle breakups of the romantic and professional varieties.

After you listen, leave a comment below to share what resonated most about the relationship between job searching and dating!


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