Ditching your perfectionism with Terece Hahn


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Terece Hahn had it all — the job she’d always dreamed of, a 6-figure income, a loving husband, the ability to travel and buy a home and do all the things she loved.

And yet, she was miserable.

Her job was making her burnt out, anxious, depressed, and totally unsure of herself. Her confidence took a nosedive, and she started questioning everything in her life.

So what do you do when your dream job turns into a nightmare?

Terece used that experience as a catalyst to go on a deep inner journey of figuring out who she is, what really matters to her, and what she wants most out of life. And now, two years later, she feels like a completely different — and much happier — person.

She’s sharing her journey with us in this week’s interview with a normal person. Listen in to hear us talk about:

  • Her story about feeling lost and directionless after leaving school and getting a “real job.”
  • How she built back up her confidence after it hit an all-time low.
  • The huge perspective shift that helped her quiet her inner critic voice and start liking herself more than she ever thought was possible.
  • How perfectionism used to run her life, and how she’s finally starting to let it go.
  • Ways in which she’s started speaking up for herself and being her own best advocate.
  • The challenges of setting (and actually sticking to) boundaries when you’re a people pleaser … as well as the freedom that exists on the other side.
  • Why people pleasers flock to helping professions and quickly get burnt out.
  • How changing your life can be simpler than you think if you start small.

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My name is Terece Hahn. Professionally, I am an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, and I hold a Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) diploma. I am at the highest level of my education in my profession, and I achieved this about as early as a person can achieve this level of education. Making 6 figures as a new graduate, married to an amazing man, being able to travel, and afford things that I have always wanted should’ve meant happiness and success. Emphasis on SHOULD. I was the person that had it all and was miserable. I knew there was more to life than this, but did not know how to get there. I had been banking that once I started my new career, making the money I did, that I would be happy. Jump to the desperate Google search of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Which lead me to the Passion Profile Quiz, then to Clarity on Fire 1:1 coaching with Kristen Walker, where I rediscovered who I was, what my values are, and why the HELL I was so miserable.

I am a normal person who, without the help from Kristen and Rachel’s business and podcasts, would have had to dredge for many years to accomplish the self confidence, love, and belief in myself that I didn’t even know existed. My journey is in the beginning stages of its existence, but you can’t unlearn what you have learned; there is no going back. It is like a small fire was lit, and with each day that I cultivate it, with self-care, naps, being kind to myself, and understanding my values, I am able to slowly stoke that fire to burn more brightly every day.


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