Side Chat: Does life purpose even exist?

life purpose

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A decade ago, both of us cared a lot about finding our purpose. It was more than just a want — it was a need. If we didn’t hurry up and find a path that gave our lives meaning, we felt like something cataclysmic would happen.

And now … well, to be honest, neither of us really cares all that much about life purpose anymore. We’ve wondered if it even exists, period!

In this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re getting into how we went from obsessed with life purpose to feeling 🤷🏼‍♀️ about it.

We got into…

  • Our definition of life purpose, and why people crave it so badly.
  • Why it’s a mistake to conflate purpose with career.
  • The mental shift we each made that allowed us to feel purposeful more often, without having to be panicked about whether we had a purpose.
  • Ideas about what your purpose could be … if you have one at all.

Leave a comment below after you’ve listened to share your take on life purpose and whether this conversation gave you permission to think about it differently!


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  • Natalie

    This was one of the happiest episodes for me. One- because you made me laugh out loud so many times, and two- because I’m a Thriver and you spoke so much to me. So often my response to questions about purpose is always that I just want to be happy and just be. It seems there are few of us in the world, so it’s not often I get to hear anyone who gets me. It always feels good to have that. I’m a teacher so I’m surrounded by Tribe Members mostly and needless to say, we don’t quite see eye to eye on purpose and life. Thank you for this episode. It made my heart happy.

    • Rachel East

      My heart is happy that yours is happy! 🙂 And I personally think everyone could use a TOUCH more Thriver energy–purpose doesn’t have to be all tied up in work, people!

  • Erin Thomas

    Oh. My. Gosh. This podcast has TOTALLY validated how I’ve been feeling over the last year! In fact, I popped out of bed this morning pondering this same question! My life over the past 4 years has been full of huge changes—divorce, new relationship and engagement, new friends, the end of a 14-year career, unemployment, and then into a new career I love (almost by accident). The entire time, I’ve been almost loathing myself because I never could pin down my purpose and I felt shameful in comparing myself to others in my life who are pursuing their “passions”, have successful businesses, etc. When I really just felt like my purpose is to get the most out of the life that I’m living. You ladies are so awesome and brave to have this enlightening conversation this morning! It came at the perfect time!

    • Rachel East

      We love the synchronicity of this! And you’ve clearly done SO much work over the past few years–you definitely don’t deserve to be beating yourself up for not “finding your purpose.” Permission granted to just get the most out of life!

  • Therese

    Thank you! Yes, it felt like a relief! 🙂 In the best possible way, nothing here was brand new for me but it was the “permission slip” that I seem to have needed to keep moving forward. I feel lighter and more energized. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight in such a friendly and accessible way. Much gratitude from a “Thriver”!

  • Molly

    Have either of you seen the animated movie Soul on Disney+? I listened to your side chat shortly after it came out and then saw Soul the next day and wow – it’s the perfect companion piece! I won’t spoil the details, but I highly recommend a watch to see the connection. Similar to what Therese said above, I’ve intellectually known for awhile that it’s okay to be a Thriver, but it can be hard to feel that way when it seems like so many people around us are defined by their careers…so it’s nice to get reassurance like this sometimes.

    • Kristen Walker

      No, I haven’t seen Soul, but now I want to make sure I do! Anything that helps drive this message home is definitely intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing! And I really love that this episode helped give an extra boost of reassurance and validation to all of our Thriver friends. 🙂