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Four years ago, Teanca Shepherd was burnt out and craving a change. So she picked up and moved about as far away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as you can get — all the way to Japan.

She taught English in Japan for two years, but making a dramatic change hadn’t suddenly solved all of her problems. She was still unsure of what she really wanted out of life, and the clock was ticking loudly on her remaining time overseas.

It was at this point that Teanca discovered The Passion Profile Quiz and reached out to us. After coaching with me (Rachel) for a couple of months, she felt clear about what she wanted, but her dream job hadn’t instantly landed in her lap … and it didn’t, for another two years.

When Teanca emailed me to tell me that she had FINALLY found her dream job, she said that she was SO glad that she waited, even though it had taken so much longer than she had hoped.

For that reason alone, I HAD to have Teanca on the podcast. We all (myself included) need to know — how do you weather rejection, uncertainty, fear, and doubt for YEARS, without giving up or losing your faith?

So on this interview with a “normal person,” I talk to Teanca about that and:

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  1. Oh my gosh, thank you for this episode! I’ve been waiting for it all week because I’m where Teanca was before she found her dream job. I found so many gems in here, but my favorite aha moment was during the discussion on people pleasing. I realized that deep down I still was seeking my boss’ approval. Well, no more, absolutely not! I wrote it all over my journal, lol! I also loved the part about keeping the faith. Like Teanca, I’ve had days of feeling like nothing is going to happen for me, I should just stay put, how is this going to work for me? My company sent out an email about giving the staff salary adjustments in addition to the yearly merit raise, and I was thinking that maybe that was a reason to stay put despite not being in a 9 or 10 job. I got pulled back from that by experiencing some harsh treatment from a superior yesterday, which convinced me that salary adjustment is not worth being abused. Along comes this podcast to renew my faith! I also have some leads that I got from allowing myself to be vulnerable + post on social media about my job search. So many ???????????????????????????????? to Teanca, Rachel, and Kristen.

    1. I’m so glad this was what you needed to hear! When we were recording this, you were one of the people I had in mind who I knew would appreciate Teanca’s story. 🙂 It’s interesting that you had a little moment of doubt after the salary adjustment thing, and then immediately got a sign that this is, in fact, not right! Keep trusting yourself. I know this is hard, but it’s working out!

  2. Rachel and Kristen, thank you so much for the opportunity! I am so humbled by it and glad that I could share my story. K.D., I am so happy to hear that it resonated with you. It was so important for me to hear similar stories as well so I knew that it was possible. I can’t wait to hear your future story as well!!

  3. Yes Teanca, your story very much resonated with me. It reinforced my faith that there is a 9 or 10 out there waiting for me. I’ll be sure to update you on my future story ????

  4. I felt like this podcast was aired just for me ???? I don’t know how tuned in to the signs I would have been before working with you and Kristen. ❤️

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