People, let’s get real. We are BACKED UP, emotionally speaking. We live in a culture that, by and large, is not super comfortable with feelings and self-expression. A lot of us have gotten REALLY good at numbing out, suppressing, and generally doing whatever we can to avoid having to feel anything difficult or uncomfortable.

Except you can’t bottle it up forever. Eventually, something’s gotta give. And whether or not we realize it, a lot of us are paying a high price for all that suppressed emotion. To help us literally start flowing again, we brought on our fellow coach Joanna Platt, who is The Queen of Feeling All the Things.

On this episode we talk about:


Joanna Platt is a life and relationship coach for high achievers who need space to feel their feelings, permission to put themselves first, and guidance on how to do it.

Through intuitive, deep coaching conversations that feel like heart-to-hearts, she’s here to help you quiet your inner critic and bring your best self to the surface so you can connect and contribute in both your work and home life.

When she’s not coaching, you can find her loving her husband Mike, reading multiple books at one time, and working in coffee shops in DC.

Meet Jo and get ready to go deep, feel your feelings, and get your sparkle back at


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