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There are VERY few people and books we recommend to our clients. We’re naturally choosy about what we read and what we’d have other people take seriously. But when we love something, we really love it. Brené Brown is one of those people we not only love, but respect deeply … which is obvious, since we also talked about her in this week’s blog post! She’s making an appearance in this week’s #ClarityGem, too.

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express yourself


By “creativity,” we’re not talking about the traditional definition that limits creativity to only some variation of “artsy.” No.

Creativity is the human compulsion to make something. To do work that showcases your talent. To express yourself, in whatever way that means.

Brené also said that, “There is no such thing as a non-creative person. Only people who aren’t using their creativity.” In other words … there are people who are expressing themselves and people who have suppressed themselves. But everyone is capable of self-expression, and everyone has a deep human instinct that yearns toward expression.

And when you suppress your creativity and self-expression? It doesn’t just sit pleasantly by, patiently waiting for you to use it. No … it finds a way out.

It shows itself in the form of resentment, contempt, bitterness, harshness, impatience, frustration, defeat, lethargy, and depression. When you bottle up something that needs to be expressed, it becomes malignant. It quite literally turns against you.

There’s really no choice, is there? The creative, talented, expressive being that you are requires an outlet. Denying yourself that is tantamount to denying your humanity. (Which might explain why so many people have a distinctly un-human, robotic way about them these days, hmm?)

twitter-bird“Unused creativity is NOT benign.” Inspired by @BreneBrown #ClarityGems

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Most people tell us, “I would express my talent/creativity/passion if I knew what it was … but I can’t, because I don’t know.”

If you’re at a stand-still because you haven’t figured out what your passion is, then that’s something we can definitely help you with.

Today is the LAST day to enroll in the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, which is our 4-week online program specifically meant for people who want to figure out their passion and start taking action.

It’s scarily easy to spend years slowly building up the resentment and frustration that come from not doing something you love.

But it’s also not that hard to get on a more fulfilling track. We’ve done it, and we’ve seen hundreds of others do the same.

We hope you’ll join us!

Check out the Passion Plan Virtual Experience. Enrollment closes tonight!

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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