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Full transparency, one of our biggest pet peeves is when people hear the “career” part of “life & career coaches” and assume we help people scour job boards and edit their résumés. 

There’s nothing wrong with that — it’s just not what we do. 

If you’ve found us, you may very well want a new job. You might find yourself pursuing job boards and staring at your résumé, wondering how to polish it so that you can be noticed by a company with an awesome work culture. 

But those aren’t the steps that come first. You can’t find career fulfillment if you have no idea who you are, what you want, or how to even recognize the right thing if it showed up. That’s our bread and butter.

So, thank goodness for AJ Mizes, who actually loves all the stuff that we don’t! On this month’s interview with an expert, AJ and Rachel got into…

We learned SO much from AJ in just an hour — you’re going to get a lot out of this, too. After you listen, leave a comment below to share which of his strategies you’re going to implement!


A.J. is a talent and human potential aficionado with over a decade of experience within Career Coaching and Human Resources, and has been featured in NBC, CBS, FOX, The International Business Times, and Yahoo! News. He is currently CEO of The Human Reach, a human potential institute guiding high-achieving professionals to land their dream careers in record time, and coaching Silicon Valley leaders to be thoughtful, effective leaders. His most previous role was as a Facebook Global HR Leader. He has supported global teams of over 3,000 people and launched many innovative leadership programs that are still in full swing at Facebook today. 

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  1. AJ’s tips were so insightful. This was a really great podcast, and I will definitely be listening again and taking full notes. Thanks for having him on.

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