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A few years ago, Emily Liou started to question her career in recruiting. Sure, she helped people get hired, but for every person she helped, there were so many more she had to reject. And the rejections were wearing on her.

That’s when Emily decided to quit her job, become a certified coach (she went to the same program as us!), and start her own business — one where she could leverage her experience as a recruiter and her knowledge as a coach to help people navigate both the deep, internal world of personal growth and the external challenges of finding a job.

We came to this conversation with SO many questions and common issues (ones we hear from our clients and podcast listeners all the time!) to bounce off of Emily, and she was a complete treasure trove of insight. We talked about:

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Emily Liou is a career happiness coach and career expert at CultiVitae where she guides ambitious corporate professionals to design AND achieve careers they love.  She believes life is way too short to not wake up happy on Mondays.

As a former recruiter and HR professional for Fortune 500 Companies and Silicon Valley startups, she knows exactly what gets corporate professionals hired and promoted. Emily’s career advice has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, Fairygodboss, and The Muse. She is also the creator of The Happily Hired Formula, a comprehensive do-with-you program that covers A-Z of the job search process from designing a career to negotiating your salary.

Through her coaching programs, Emily not only provides the strategies to make any career transition possible but also works from the inside out, allowing clients to build a positive self-image to conquer all of their ambitious goals. When she is not geeking out over personal development topics, you can find Emily eating her way through Los Angeles.


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  1. This is one of my favorite episodes ever!! Definitely worth multiple listens. Thank you to Krachel and Emily for such an awesome interview. I’d love to hear more from Emily in the future, perhaps as a special edition of “Ask Krachel + Emily.”

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed this one, Madison! I agree, Emily is awesome. Maybe we can persuade her to start her own podcast, so you can hear more of her wisdom all the time?? 😉

  2. This podcast was a treasure trove! I’ve always wondered what goes thru recruiters/hiring managers’ minds. And this episode was the inside view I’ve been curious about as a job seeker and needed to hear. So many insights and practical knowledge to away from this episode. Nearly every question you ladies asked Emily is what I have questions about as well. Great stuff!

  3. Yay, Laurie, so happy that Krachel are mind readers and knew exactly what you were thinking (along with every other job seeker out there!). Thanks for listening!!

  4. Haha after listening to the episode I actually turned to my partner and said, “I think I’d like to start a podcast some day”… when I do, you know you and Kristen are absolutely going to be my first guests!!! 🙂

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