Ever felt like you’re a ghost wandering the halls of your workplace?

Sure, you’re physically there, but the REAL YOU is nowhere to be found. You’re mentally checked out, emotionally drained, and showing up as a watered-down, hollow version of yourself.

In this month’s interview with a normal person, Kristen is chatting with Lana Jackson, who was all too familiar with that feeling.

After years of feeling like a ghost of her real self, trapped by a boring, soul-sucking job, she decided it was time to get clear on what she *really* wanted out of her life and career. Now she’s a budding entrepreneur and personal stylist helping women express themselves from the inside out.

She shares the whole journey with us, in this interview.

On this episode we talk about:


The Storied Life (TSML) is a lifestyle media and e-commerce site that provides an exclusive, behind-the-story look into luxury and adjacent brands in fashion, beauty, food, and culture. TSL’s editorial articles and interviews feature a tight curation of brands that values storytelling, craftsmanship, design, and creativity. TSL is co-founded by Lana Jackson and her sister Jilene, whose culturally curious, story-driven, and fashion-forward voice seeks to restore the humanity in retail.

Lana Jackson is an experienced wardrobe stylist, with three degrees in Fashion Design, Product Development, and Art History. Lana is committed to supporting women-owned enterprises as she is a mid-stage investor in woman-owned media brand Darling and former fashion contributor for Verily Magazine. While building The Storied Life, she successfully launched and maintained her personal styling and image consulting firm, Narrative Personal Styling. She currently resides in Washington, D.C.



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  1. Absolutely loved this episode and hearing about Lana’s journey! I feel like so many of us have been (or maybe are) where Lana was at, feeling like you’re coasting through life (aka “ghosting”). It’s stories like these that remind me to keep pushing, trying things, and reflecting on what fuels my inner fire. Thanks Kristen & Rachel!

  2. I almost cried listening to this episode! Lana sounds like me—I’ve worked a lot of jobs and by the time I’ve been at one for six months, I’m bored. After a year, I’ve mostly checked out. I know the importance of paying the bills and saving, but I always feel like a hamster on a wheel. I’m grateful for my jobs; however, I’ve always wanted so much more out of life. I’ve got a little money in the bank now, which is helping to finally expand my horizons a bit. I’m going to take the Passion profile short course soon and hopefully continue from there. I’m so glad to have found Kristin and Rachel. It is very lonely to be in my shoes and feel like even my family doesn’t understand. I can only really open up to my counselor and one or two other people. I’m looking forward to being happier ????

  3. Cassie, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m so glad that my talk resonated with you and helped you to feel that you are NOT alone. I’m glad that you have a counselor and other people who understand and support your journey–that’s so important. Yes, it’s hard when even your family doesn’t get it but there are people like me, Rachel, and Kristen, and your counselor who do. I’m so glad that you’ll be taking the PPSC. I hope that course is the beginning of a bright and beautiful new journey for you. Lean into those resources love, you will be happier, not tomorrow but today because you deserve to be happy and you’ve made a choice to invest in your happiness and your purpose. I’m proud of you. Good for you Cassie. Good for you.


  4. thank you for sharing this Lana, I’m in the process try to figure out what I want to do my with my life too. ( prob too late right :(). I can related so much with your story.

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