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OK, procrastinators, it’s time to face the music. (Does anyone here actually NOT procrastinate?? First of all, how dare you? And second, kindly show yourself out.)

It seems like everyone is forever trying to overcome procrastination. A lot of us believe that if we just read enough “life-hacking” articles we can force ourselves into submission. But if you couldn’t guess, we aren’t down with that.

In this month’s Side Chat, we’re talking about:

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  1. So I’m just getting around to listening to this podcast because let’s be honest, I was procrastinating on it. In fact, I have about 20 unopened emails from you all that I have been procrastinating on (sorry!!) Clearly I needed to listen to this podcast and it very much resonated with me! I have lots of thoughts floating in my head right now but I guess the main one is, how do you know why you’re procrastinating?

    For example, I’m thinking about becoming a professional organizer. I’ve been carrying around Marie Kondo’s book in my purse for 2 months and I haven’t touched it. My therapist wonders if I’m scared of having to do something with the knowledge that I get from the book. I’m wondering if I haven’t touched the book because I really don’t want to be a professional organizer and then it will be back to the drawing board. I have no idea what it is but I beat myself up every time I see the book for not being able to do something as easy as read. Is there a way to tell why exactly I’m procrastinating???

    1. Hey Sarah,

      It sounds to me like a potential reason for your procrastination is that you’re putting a TON of pressure on yourself. Like, reading Marie Kondo’s book can’t just be a fun and enjoyable exercise. Apparently when you read it you have to know or not know if THIS is the thing you want to do FOR THE REST OF YORU LIFE, which is SO much pressure, and which saps the joy out of it completely. It’s like someone who wants to write a book but has terrible writer’s block because whenever they sit down to do it, they feel pressure to write A #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!! And then they can’t, because who could possibly write something that good?!

      Obviously this is a nuanced issue and deserves a lot more personal attention than we’re capable of giving in a blog comment. But I suspect that you can’t start things because you think everything you do has to MEAN something or be really productive or clarify your path in some way. You’re not allowed to just experiment and see where things go, or go with the flow. You’re constricting yourself so much! You’re allowed to not know what’s going to happen. It’s OK for you to just read the book and see if it resonates. You won’t be lost forever if you don’t end up liking the idea of becoming a professional organizer. I hope this resonates with you! 🙂

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