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On this episode we’re answering questions from:

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Sometimes it’s really hard to get out of your head and know how you actually feel. How can you figure out what you really want when you can’t see anything clearly?

Advertisers say this about potential customers, but it applies just as much to everyday life: Confused people don’t take action. They elect to stay put and do nothing.

So, if you’ve reached a point where you’re tired of being stagnant and confused, AND …

If you want individual attention, someone to hold you accountable, and the benefit of our substantial experience focused solely on you … all so that you can make more progress in a matter of months than you’d make in years on your own, then 1-on-1 coaching may be ideal for you.

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  1. Ladies I love your podcasts. I can relate to all 3 topics on this podcast. The one I resignate the most is the last topic being quiet and shy. only coworkers see me this way. My true friends know the real me. In my current job, I have stopped being who I really am. I have only allowed them to see a fake version of me. Due to being shut down when asked to provide my opinion or not giving me the credit I deserve. Being fake for 13 years has led me to anxiety & depression & not happy in my job. That is were I am at this current point. I am a Thriver and for years I thought there was something wrong with me.
    I am glad I found your web page and I look fwd in listening to your future podcasts. I love how you ladies sound very genuine & fun! Not boring whatsoever! Thank you for keeping it real.

    1. Hi Mayra! I’m so glad that you’re realizing that there’s nothing wrong with you — you’ve just been in a situation that doesn’t align with you for so long that it’s taken a big toll on your happiness. I hope you can get to a new position in life very soon where you can be yourself with no guilt or shame! It’ll be super refreshing.

  2. Great one! That projection thing you talked about blew my mind because it made me realize I do it, too! In ways I wasn’t even aware of. I had to pause the recording and go full on journaling mode.

    I remember you talked about leaving a review on your podcast but I tried looking for a link. Where can I do that? Where would it be more helpful to you? Let me know.

    Thanks again!

    1. Kudos to you for whipping out your journal in the middle of listening! That deserves some form of extra credit! 😉 And as for the review (thank you for asking!) — it depends where you listen. If you have an iPhone it’s easy to rate and review in the Apple Podcasts app. If you have an Andriod, I’m less sure about that. However, if you do have an Android you can always leave a review on our Stitcher page: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/clarity-on-fire

  3. Thanks so much for answering my question! Luckily what you both said about applying to jobs is what my close friends have been telling me. Good to hear it from your point of view too. I’m excited about the next episode! Going to listen to the linked blog post now about applying to jobs you aren’t qualified for 🙂

    1. We’re so glad that hit home for you, Julia! And it always helps when third-party advice aligns with things your friends have been telling you, too. That’s validating! Keep us posted! 🙂

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