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Amin Lakhani was born with a neuromuscular condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome (type 1b) which causes his muscles to atrophy over time. Growing up, his parents gave him a very specific message: “Amin, you won’t be able to perform physical labor, so you have to study and work hard if you want to succeed in life.”

So he did. He was a straight-A student, graduated from an Ivy League University, and landed his dream job at Microsoft. By all external metrics of success, he was killing it. But internally, he was desolate. He had few friends and had never been on a date. There had to be more to life, right?

When he finally mustered the courage to ask a girl out, the stars seemed to align because she said yes! But after their first (incredibly awkward) kiss, she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how any woman could be attracted to a guy in a wheelchair.” That was his absolute rock-bottom.

So, he hired a dating coach. Over years of investing in himself, he learned how to form meaningful connections. People started to describe him as charismatic, confident, and unforgettable. He made friends everywhere he went, and ended up going on dates with over 40 women, of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and even ages (from 19 to over 50). He experienced incredible sexual intimacy, lasting relationships, love, and of course, heartbreak.

After realizing how much he had to share, he became a dating coach himself. And then one of his talks went viral on YouTube. The success was overwhelming! He was just a dude trying to find love, and sharing his successes and failures in the process. Suddenly millions of people around the world knew about him — but very few actually knew him. And he was just one thing to them: a dating coach with a disability.

That realization sent him down a dark, depressed path. But lately, he’s found solace through comedy, which he now uses as a conduit to share his life and the lessons he’s learned — dating and beyond.

We got to talk to Amin about:

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