For the month of September, instead of our regular Thursday “Clarity Gems,” we’re doing something special …

We’re giving you 4 of our biggest, most crucial lessons when it comes to figuring out your passion in life.

It’s all a part of our #PassionFor100 mini-revolution, which we started to celebrate the fact that enrollment is open (only through this Saturday the 27th!) for the Passion Plan Virtual Experience.

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So now, Kristen’s sharing the 4th & final part in our 4-week #PASSIONFOR100 blog series. (If you’ve missed us explain what it’s all about, click on the previous link to read more!) It’s all about gettin’ honest with yourself and making moves.

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One of my favorite things about being a coach is that people will tell me things that they’d never tell anyone else. Maybe they’ve never even admitted it to themselves.

Here’s an example:

Recently I was coaching someone who had NO idea what her passion was. She was starting to worry that she didn’t actually have a passion. {Definitely not true, BTW – passion exists for everyone.}

We got deeper and deeper into exploring what energized her and lit her up, and finally she blurted out, “I know this sounds crazy, but what I really would love is to get out of the finance industry completely and become a health coach.”

Whenever I hear, “I know this sounds crazy, but … ,” I know I’ve struck gold.

I call these “Secret Dreams,” and a lot of people have them, even if it’s not a fully formed idea in their mind yet.

Back when Rachel and I were in college, we dreamed of writing a best-selling book for Millennial women. At the beginning, whenever we’d talk about writing the book together, it was always half-jokingly … who were we to think we could actually publish a book?

Then one day, driving around campus, one of us (I can’t even remember which one now) said, “You know, I’m actually not kidding about writing this book. I seriously want to do it.”

Bam. All of a sudden, we had a tiny spark of belief that our crazy idea could actually be a real thing. That was unofficially the first day Rachel and I went into business together.

The beauty of admitting what you really want is that you get to start acting on it. Taking action is going to clarify your passion and your path forward … you can’t think your way into your ideal life.

Clarity comes from action, not thinking.

It turns out, writing a book wasn’t “it” for Rachel and me at the time (although it’s still a bucket-list goal of mine!). But we never would have figured out how we wanted to channel our passion if we hadn’t taken action and started actually writing that book.

Co-writing that particular book (which never did, and never will, see the light of day) sparked the idea of opening a business together … which turned into the idea to start a therapy practice … which shifted into a coaching business. Even two years into our coaching business, we’re constantly trying things, failing, making progress, and evolving. All of that evolution required tons of consistent action and course-correcting.

Key takeaway: You can’t think your way into your passion, and definitely not alone in your own head.

It takes courage to admit, out-loud, what you really want and start taking action. So today, I’m challenging you to take one small action step toward what you want. It could be as small as researching training programs, emailing someone in a different industry for an informational interview, or brainstorming business names.

And to make it more “real,” leave us a comment sharing what action step you’re going to take.

If you’re still trying to figure out your secret dream or you want help clarifying it, then this might be the perfect time to join us in the Passion Plan Virtual Experience. We’re taking a group of Millennials through the process of figuring out their passion and taking action in a way that’s powerful, simple, and affordable. It starts this Sunday the 28th, so I hope you’ll join us if this feels like the right step at the right time for you!

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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