The more women I coach, the more I feel certain that many of us have a secret dream. Maybe it’s so secret that you haven’t even admitted it to yourself. Or maybe you know exactly what your secret dream is, but it seems so outlandish when you think about it that you’d never tell anyone else.

I’ve talked to hundreds of amazing women who have been brave enough to admit their secret dream to me. I’ve heard inspiring ideas that range from becoming a travel show host … to starting a home office decorating business … to moving across the world to teach and empower impoverished women. These comments usually slip out in a hurried tone and are prefaced by something like, “I know this sounds crazy, but…”

Secret dreams are terrifying.

Secret dreams are persistent.

Secret dreams make everything else feel like settling.

When we were kids, it was so easy to admit that you wanted an incredible life doing exciting, important, creative things. But as we got older, the limitations and obligations and “shoulds” started piling up. We started getting weird looks and discouraging feedback when we admitted that we wanted something risky or outside the norm. We had to get stable 9-to-5s to pay the rent.

And the secret dreams melted away.

But the truth is, we’re all gifted with secret dreams for a reason. Why else would you feel called to a particular path if you weren’t meant to experience it, in one form or another? It’s time to stop ignoring the persistent whispering, even if that means considering a scary or uncomfortable path.

Today, I’m giving you permission to admit your secret dream. Write it down. Say it out loud. Write a comment below. Tell someone you trust. Send me an email about it. Google people who are doing it successfully. Let it become a real possibility in your mind, instead of an impossible fantasy.

Then, once you’ve admitted to your secret dream out loud, think of one action step you can take this week to move you toward that goal. I recently heard a great quote: “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” And dreams are great, but they can feel intangible and far out in the distance.

Today, I’m challenging you to step into action and start bringing your dream into reality. The action step could be as small as researching training programs or brainstorming business names — just commit to taking one step toward your secret dream this week.

Leave a comment sharing your secret dream and the one action step you’re planning to take this week. Let’s let the secret out!

Much love,

Kristen (& Rachel)

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