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Remember in Harry Potter when Fawkes the phoenix would be near the end of his life cycle? He’d get all wheezy and bleary-eyed, and generally look the worse for wear, and Dumbledore would encourage him to “get on with it.”

Then, of course, he’d burst into flame and emerge again from the ashes, a tiny and somewhat ugly little chick who would soon grow into his former glory.

Well, as we near our 200th episode of the podcast, we’re feeling a bit more like “old and wheezy” than “youthful and resplendent” Fawkes. So, it’s time to burn some stuff down and start anew!

In the spirit of death and rebirth, we’re taking something away and giving you something new.


We’re cutting back from 8 podcast episodes per month to 6!

Instead of blogging every Tuesday, we’re going to be publishing episodes every-other-Tuesday. Sometimes they might be blogs, or Rachel Rants, or special bonus episodes.

But mostly, we’re going to use our two Tuesdays a month to give you “Magic 8-Ball” episodes: Where we pick any of our past 200 episodes, somewhat at random, and reintroduce it to you.

It’s likely, even if you’re a Clarity on Fire super-fan, that you haven’t heard 100% of our past episodes. And that’s a shame, because there are some really great gems just sitting there, waiting to be discovered (or rediscovered, as the case may be).

Think of these episodes like a shake of the Magic 8-Ball — whatever message you get is probably the exact one you needed that day!


We’ve been wanting a way to connect with you that’s easy, fun, and a lot less time-consuming than listening to us gab on the podcast for an hour or more each week!

So, we’re getting hip to the times and sliding into your DMs (that’s how the youths say it, no?).

That’s right, we’ve got a phone number and we mostly know how to use it! So, want to get weekly texts from us??

Sign up here

OR … text your first name, followed by a single space, then your email address (Example: Hermione [email protected]) to 703-783-3223.

We’re going to send you some motivation/inspiration/food for thought on Monday mornings, and probably one other surprise throughout the week, too.

You guys feel like our friends, even though we’ve never gotten to meet or talk to most of you! So getting to text you will make that friendship feel even more real, on both sides. 🙂

The first official text goes out on Monday the 24th, so sign up before then so you don’t miss it!

P.S. We’d be delighted if you added us to your contacts (call us Clarity on Fire, Krachel, or whatever else amuses you), and even more gleeful if you pick a great image for our contact photo (Oprah and Gayle? James and Sirius? Tacos and guacamole??) and share it with us. 😉


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