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There’s a time and place for more grounded, astute, in-depth reflections about life and what to do about your problems (that’s what blogs and, you know, every other episode of this podcast are for). But sometimes you just need a good, righteous rant. It’s cathartic!

So, every once in a while, instead of writing a new blog or republishing an old one, I’m going to spend a few minutes getting fired up about something, in the hopes that I’ll get you fired up, too, and maybe even snap you out of whatever daze you’ve found yourself in.

Today I’m ranting about the fact that, no duh, life is hard, people! And you deserve a lot more credit for maneuvering through the difficulty than you’re giving yourself. I got into…

After you’ve listened, leave a comment to let me know what you think of this installment of Rachel Rants, and what you might like me to rant about next!


Rachel Rants: Being smart is NOT that important (September 2019)


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  1. Rachel & Kristen I don’t know how you do it, but you both seem to be freakishly intuitive with posting the exact blog post/podcast that I just need to listen to at the right time 😀

    I love this down to earth and practical explanation of why life gets hard without a ‘lady’s maid’! My partner and I have just come back from a week holiday, came back stupidly on a Sunday evening and then dove straight into full on work weeks – needless to say we’ve consisted mainly on takeaway, ran out of milk and have chosen to spend our evenings watching Gossip Girl on Netflix rather than get through all the housework that is WAY over due haha Oh, and did I mention my tax return was due this week? *sigh*

    But I’ve told myself – and especially after listening to Rachel’s Rant – to just go with the flow and spend my entire upcoming weekend dedicated to cleaning, tidying, preparing healthy food and doing my life admin, which is actually something I’m really looking forward to 😀

    I passed this onto my boss who is working through a major work deadline, while juggling 18 month old twins – she told me it felt like you were speaking directly to her and she loved it.

    1. I love hearing that we post the right thing at the right time! And OMG, bless your boss for having 18-month-old-twins AND working full-time. That sounds nearly impossible! It sounds like you learned a valuable lesson about travel–that post-vacation transition time is SO crucial! Otherwise you end up getting whiplash and end up super overwhelmed.

  2. Thank you for this rant! I have a one year old son and feel overwhelmed a lot despite being a full time stay at home mom. I always think I shouldn’t feel this way since a) I have one child, and b) I don’t have to “work.” Life is still hard sometimes! I feel guilty for feeling this way since I know I’m lucky not to have to pay the bills. Also, I feel like I’m “just” a mom while other women are doing it all. This is important for anyone to hear (definitely is highly sensitive people)!

    1. Hey Clementine,

      I think being a mom is pretty much the hardest job there is! The fact that it’s not paid doesn’t make it any less of a job! You absolutely are allowed to feel overwhelmed at times. Who wouldn’t, right?? If I’m allowed to feel overwhelmed by my job but I have no kids, then you’re certainly allowed to feel overwhelmed by your kid even though you don’t have a paid job! 😉 I’m glad this hit home for you!

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