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It’s Rachel’s birthday! And if you’ve been following along, you know that also means that today she’s giving herself, and you, a big gift … the first chapter of Forever Alone: One introverted millennial’s half-agonizing, half-hopeful journey through singledom.

I’ve watched her pour a ton of time and energy into this — it’s been a true labor of love! I’m just as excited as you to listen in (because she hasn’t let me yet, haha). 

Even though I haven’t heard it yet, I know for sure it’s going to be relevant to more than just single folks (though you should definitely share with your single friends). Knowing Rachel, she’s found a way to make it hit home for just about anyone who wants something that they haven’t yet figured out how to get. And also knowing Rachel, it’ll be funny and snarky and poignant and inspiring, in equal measure.

I asked her to give me a preview of what’s in this chapter, and she said she’s getting into:

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  1. Happy birthday! (I did subscribe on another platform, btw, but commenting here). It was very eloquent and articulate. I, too, get so immersed in fictional stories sometimes that I’d rather not come back to real life. It’s hard to imagine real life ever measuring up. I’ve heard my happily married friends say real life “isn’t like the movies,” even when they say they’re in love and they have everything they ever wanted and dreamed of. But I think they’re just referring to daily challenges or the fact that life isn’t perfect or problem-free all the time. I think overall, they’ve attained the summation of what the movies portray. Whether we’re all lucky enough to find that or not, I do believe the fictional stories are meant to give hope and they’re not fantasy and therefore, there’s no reason to ever settle for less. (It’d be better to be single than settle). But I’m eager to hear your experience of both sides of the question! Love this series 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Marianne! And you know that I totally agree that there’s no reason to settle, but the series shows how I came to that conclusion. 😉 Can’t wait for you to hear the rest!

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