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In times like these, it can be especially hard to tune into your intuition and receive guidance. Fear and uncertainty create a LOT of noise, both internally and externally! And, ironically, it’s exactly when we’re most afraid and unsure that we most need to be able to receive wisdom and inspiration.

Last year we started doing “Message from the Universe” episodes to help get us through the pandemic. Though we stopped doing them regularly, we promised they’d be back at random, probably when you most needed a little encouragement — and it feels like we could all use that right about now!

So, if you’re having a hard time getting calm, quieting your mind, and tuning in lately (understandable, if so!), we hope this message will give you an extra boost of guidance today.

We pulled 3 cards from The Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid. One or all has a message for you — come find out what it is! 🙂

Here are the cards we pulled for you, along with their descriptions:

Coming to Life:

When you look at your life, can you see how you’ve grown and evolved over time? Perhaps you’ve shed “skins” and identities and created new ones, or at the very least matured in your ideas about yourself and the world you inhabit. You know things take time, and Spirit’s timetable is rarely in sync with your own.

This card indicates that a long-held dream is beginning to show signs of life. You must try not to coax it along, or shape it according to your desires. Spirit knows the best form for manifestation of this dream, and your life can become even better than you could possibly imagine. Now is the time for reverence and awe. Allow the contours of your path to be carved by the hands of the Divine. All you have to do is show up.

Dry Desert:

Is your life presenting you with opportunities that seem to yield nothing? Have your ideas dried up? Does it feel like you’re on an endless journey through a dry, hot, lifeless desert? This card reminds you that there are times when you’re meant to become resilient as you journey through harsher circumstances. You’re being required to conserve your energy–until, after consistent effort, you reach the oasis you’re searching for.

Consider the creatures that live in these conditions: they have adapted to thrive in spite of the outer environment. In a desert, water–essential for life–can be found deep underground. Go deep within yourself now … find truth there. Let Spirit sustain you while you locate the real Source. Whatever it is you’re asking about will not be found in the conditions you’re in until you move past the surface of things and choose to do the real work and discover the answers deep within you. This may not seem like the most productive time, but looks are deceiving. This is a most important place to find what’s truly right for you!

Deep Freeze:

The cold winter beckons you to slow down and put a “freeze” on things that are not yet ready to bloom. It’s time for regeneration and hibernation. Forgo ambitious activity. A “pregnant pause” allows ideas to gestate; projects to shift and change; and relationships to go through a dreamy state of being, not going anywhere–not needing to.

This is also a time to put all your arguments on ice. Nothing beneficial will come from any of them. Self-care is the most important activity now … so reflect, read a good book, or get a massage. Rest and dream.

After you listen, leave a comment to share how the message landed with you.


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  1. I picked both the centre and the right card and after a conversation I had I know exactly what the dry desert and deep freeze represent for me right now – my current job and my future potential. While January me has been striving to catch up where I had left off with my potential plans earlier in the fall it’s time to slow down again, get present to where I am and what my true feelings are, and hold off taking any big steps for the time being.

    1. Happy that this resonated for you, Cleo! One of the hardest things I’ve had to embody over the years is “be where your feet are.” We’re always very eager to be 10, 50, 1,000 steps ahead from where we are now. It’s hard, but worthwhile, to bring our attention back to where we are today, because it’s only from here that we’re going to get to those next steps! 🙂

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