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In times like these, it can be especially hard to tune into your intuition and receive guidance. Fear and uncertainty create a LOT of noise, both internally and externally! And, ironically, it’s exactly when we’re most afraid and unsure that we most need to be able to receive wisdom and inspiration.

Back in April, we started doing regular “Message from the Universe” episodes to help get us through the pandemic. While we stopped doing them regularly a few months ago, we promised they’d be back at random, probably when you most needed a little encouragement!

So, if you’re having a hard time getting calm, quieting your mind, and tuning in lately (understandable, if so!), we hope this message will give you an extra boost of guidance today.

We pulled 3 cards from each of two different oracle decks. One or both has a message for you! 🙂

Here are the cards we pulled for you, along with their descriptions:

Tarot Cards:

Queen of Pentacles:

Are you feeling the serenity and security of taking care of business AND taking good care of yourself? Are you able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Are you sharing those fruits generously with others, whether they be financial, or in the realm of practical knowledge? Then you are feeling the down-to-earth, practical, and nurturing energy of the Queen of Pentacles.

In the classic Rider Waite imagery, a lone woman sits serenely, holding a large gold coin, surrounded by lush forest. Flowers spring up at her feet, and a rabbit, the symbol of fertility and Spring, leaps into the frame from behind her golden throne.

When the Queen of Pentacles, the queen of the suit of money and material resources, appears, look for a protective, caring and practical person who helps foster others, figuratively or literally. Is it you, or someone around you? Either way, when a Court card shows up in our reading, and in our lives, it’s because we’re meant to encounter this aspect in ourselves.

The Queen of Pentacles is a provider, whether she is bringing home the bacon, doing literal charity work, or pointing out the talents and potentials of others to help them succeed in their own right. She is sensual, secure and generous, a real “earth mother.” She has more than enough and she’ll share it with you. Let the Queen of Pentacles help you discover and cultivate your skills, then pay the blessings forward.

Five of Swords: 

When you have struck out on your own, fighting for yourself and your independence above all else and all others, you have encountered the energy of the Five of Swords.

A lone figure smiles derisively as he collects the swords of his compatriots, who have turned their back on him and their weapons to walk away. He’s happy with his win, but he is alone. Strong winds blow through the image, indicating the sweeping change that this behavior brings about.

The Five of Swords certainly indicates selfishness — the question is, are you justifiably looking out for yourself, perhaps after a violation of trust, or repeated abuse? Or are you sacrificing your reputation, integrity or relationships to pursue a course that you desire above all else?

No one in the image is beaten or bloodied, because Swords represent thoughts, words and ideas — who or what might you be “cutting out” on your way to where you’re going? Whether you are striking out on your own with good reason, or suffering from a selfish lapse in judgement, notice how you may be isolating yourself from others, which could build tension that eventually leads to conflict and hostility.

Victory at all costs is no victory at all — be sure you know what you truly want from all of this.

The Hierophant: 

When we desire to or must submit to some long-standing authority, philosophy or tradition in order to progress, we encounter The Hierophant.

An undoubtedly religious figure – often referred to as the Pope of the Tarot – instructs two acolytes, indicating that some knowledge and skills can only be gained through the institutions and organizations who practice them — whether they come from a house of worship, a place of learning or a strictly regimented gym.

The Hierophant represents the structure and weight of institutional authority, and alerts us to times when we must work within traditional boundaries, regardless of our own inclinations. Are you struggling to maintain your individuality, while still following the rules — whether they come from your parents, teachers or spiritual mentors?

There is a vast well of knowledge available to you if you are willing to work within certain boundaries now — take time to benefit from the knowledge of others’ dedicated study. Whether it means picking up a book to learn about a topic, seeking instruction from a teacher, a priest or even a Tarot reader, tap into the valuable teachings of those that have come before you. A little structure will, ironically, set you free.

Enchanted Map Reading:

Making a Choice:

You’re faced with a dilemma or a fork in the road and must make a conscious choice regarding the next right action. Whatever that choice is, you must take responsibility for it–yet you needn’t be afraid. You may not have all the answers right now, because the way ahead can’t be known until you’ve embarked and traveled a few steps.

Trust your intuition. Ask for a sign form Spirit and you will be led to the right path. If you remain conscious and aware, your choice will be the right one at this time. Life is always about learning. Success lies in choosing consciously, guided by intuition and Spirit.


Goblins are born when you’re wounded and something essential is lost in that experience. From that point on, as you forget your wholeness, they remain with you in the shadows. There, they remind you of what brought them into being, by mimicking your own voice, tricking you into believing that you’re unworth, victimized, or unlovable. They hold you hostage through low self-worth, self-sabotage, and the feeling that you’re lacking what you need.

If Goblins pay you a visit, know that they represent the shadow of your own self, or someone else’s, and that they’re leading you into a potentially reactive situation. A Goblins card’s appearance is an opportunity for growth, however, and a signal that you must love yourself. No human is without flaws. The Goblins’ message is that you must release resentments and negative self-talk. Within you is the spark of the Divine. Ask Spirit to help heal you. Miracles can and do happen. Let go of the negativity.

Deep Freeze:

The cold winter beckons you to slow down and put a “freeze” on things that are not yet ready to bloom. It’s time for regeneration and hibernation. Forgo ambitious activity. A “pregnant pause” allows ideas to gestate; projects to shift and change; and relationships to go through a dreamy state of being, not going anywhere–not needing to.

This is also a time to put all your arguments on ice. Nothing beneficial will come from any of them. Self-care is the most important activity now … so reflect, read a good book, or get a massage. Rest and dream.


We used two decks today: The Enchanted Map by Collette Baron Reid and the classic Rider-Waite Tarot cards.

The Tarot card descriptions were written by the fabulous Madeleine Joan! Madeleine is a Tarot card reader, intuitive, and astrologist with well over 20 years of experience. We recommend that you:

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