You may or may not know this about us, but here at Clarity on Fire, we’re a couple of huge book nerds … as in, addicted to books. [Editor’s note: Yesterday morning all the treadmills were taken in my apartment gym so I literally walked 3/4 of a mile outside, reading a book the whole way … no joke. -Kristen]

So when we’re reading a book that’s really juicy and packed with tips that make heightened self-awareness and growth inevitable, we can’t help but share it with you.

The best part?

This book is all about getting lovey-dovey with your money. And when you have a good relationship with money, you naturally draw more of it to you.

What does it mean to have a good relationship with money? Kate Northrup explains in her new book:

Money, A Love Story

Don’t you just love that title?

So often, the topic of money brings up feelings of worry or lack or discomfort. In fact, money is considered a taboo subject in a lot of arenas of life. It’s considered rude to talk about how much money we make; it feels shameful to admit you’re worried about money; and it’s uncomfortable to ask for a raise, a loan, or payment for your work.

But this book is shifting that perspective, and what a relief!

The first half of the book is mostly focused on your beliefs about money. The exercises in the beginning will get you to acknowledge and question your personal relationship with money, as it stands right now. Although you might feel tempted to skip ahead to the how-tos of making and attracting more money to you, this first part is the deep stuff that’s critical to building a solid foundation.

The second half of the book gets into more practical (yet still enjoyable and easy-to-understand) strategies for getting clear about your finances, getting out of debt, and getting on the road to financial freedom.

The best part about this book is Kate’s conversational, compassionate tone. When you’re reading it, you feel like you’re having a conversation with a brilliant mentor who also happens to be a close friend. Here’s a snippet:

“I love that part of you that thinks that money is boring. I love the part of you that thinks that money is too hard for you to understand (or to make, save, or invest). I love the part of you that would really, really, really like someone else to do this for you. I love that part of you because I have that part inside me, too. And I’ve learned to love her for her adorable imperfections.”

Want to go deeper in your love affair with money? We’d love to coach you through this book to help you have a really transformative experience. Contact us to set up a free breakthrough coaching session to get started.

Much Love,

Kristen & Rachel

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