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When I first met Mary, she was at a near-breaking point. 

She’d pivoted from one industry to the next, over and over again, and was no closer to career satisfaction. 

She was incredibly burned out from a job that expected her to handle more than one person’s workload in a day (and where she never, EVER took a lunch break). 

And she was scared of everything, even reasonable things––taking her daily lunch, asking for a work-from-home day (at a company where other people worked remotely), setting boundaries around her time.

In this month’s brand-new interview with a normal person, Mary and I get into …  

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Mary Cardenas is a writer, Thriver, and recovering people pleaser. Between turns as a makeup artist and an assistant in LA’s film and television industry, Major League Baseball, and higher education philanthropy… Mary continued to find herself at odds with how she wanted to feel- and actually felt in each new role. A few months in, regardless of how different each landscape or location was- she was inevitably frustrated by each new job. Tired of not feeling like her most-favorite-version of herself all of the time, Mary enrolled in coaching. With Rachel’s guidance, her work-life balance, creative flow, and her authentic self all finally fell into alignment.


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