Dear Krachel: How do I recover from burnout?


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Happy 2019! Scroll down to get our take on why resolutions don’t work, and what to do instead.

And now, it’s time for another episode of Dear Krachel, a monthly advice segment where we answer audience questions about life, career, relationships, existential angst, and anything that helps you become a more whole, fulfilled version of yourself.

On this episode, we’re answering questions from:

  • Diana, who can’t figure out what her REAL Passion Profile is because her chronic health issues are getting in the way. How can she find career direction when her health is forcing her to live in a way that may not reflect who she REALLY is?
  • Samantha, who’s juggling 3 different jobs and side gigs, none of which are completely fulfilling. And yet, on the other hand, there would be downsides to letting any of them go. How can she circumvent this catch-22 and find real fulfillment?
  • Amber, who is burnt-out and has lost the passion she used to have for her job. That said, she can’t leave because she has to provide for her kids. How can she recover from burnout when her circumstance may not change any time soon?

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Before you try to set a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that, let’s face it, you won’t stick to more than a week, hear this:

Resolutions don’t work! Why? Because their very nature is busted. They’re an attempt to solve an internal problem with an external solution. You can try all you want to lose 20 pounds or find a new job, but if you don’t connect with the deeper issues under the surface, you won’t find success or be able to maintain progress.

Coaching is exactly the opposite of setting resolutions, which is why it works. It address problems from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in. So, if you’d like 2019 to end on a vastly different note than 2018, there’s no time like the present to chat with us about 1-on-1 coaching!

Reach out to us here and we’ll talk it out together.


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  • Alyx

    “Let’s make your life better and then make it easier to recognize what your next career step is”

    I think I was meant to listen to this in my morning commute. I’ve been struggle city with my career as of late and it seems like that burnout feeling is starting to drown me. I’ve been in the mentality that – if I can just get a better job (once I figure out what that is) then I will be happier. But this really hit at something deeper.

    Thank you ladies!

    • Rachel East

      You’re welcome, Alyx! I know it can feel counter-intuitive, but it’s often FAR more productive to first focus on feeling better in general, and then allow that more positive momentum to ripple outward and uplift the more troublesome areas of your life.