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A few weeks ago, one of Rachel’s clients asked a GREAT question (well, series of questions) that was immediately deserving of its own podcast episode. We love when that happens.

When is it okay to NOT have goals? Is it ever acceptable? If so, under what circumstances??

So, listen in as we chat about…

We also spent a very solid chunk of this episode giving you some major life updates about what’s been happening behind the scenes for both of us. 👀

And read on for one more major alert!


If this episode hits home – maybe you’re feeling aimless and need a vision for your life, OR maybe you’ve got too many goals and no idea which to pursue – then we’ve got good news for you:

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  1. Kristen, I’m so sorry for the loss of Georgia. It’s so hard but I hope in time your happy memories of her outweigh the sadness. Loved this episode and thank you both for sharing your lives and your wisdom!

    1. Thank you, Molly! We planted a beautiful tree in our front yard for Georgia, and I know the grief is passing because seeing her tree every day now makes me more happy than sad. ❤️ So glad you loved this episode!

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