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Everyone is, or has been, in denial many times over the course of their life. And if you think this episode won’t apply to you, think again! You may be in denial about being in denial. Meta.

Denial isn’t inherently bad or wrong, though it’s understandable if you’ve thought so. It’s actually a pretty normal form of self-protection — sometimes it’s just too hard to face something, or you’ve got too many other layers to peel back before you can get to the deeper heart of the issue.

But people often don’t move through those layers of self-revelation. They get stuck (heads buried in the sand, naturally) in denial, which then wreaks havoc on their life. The truth always wants to get out, and sometimes we end up doing an elaborate dance to keep the truth stuffed down.

So, how do we know for sure that we’re in denial? And how do we actually look at something that we’ve been unwilling to see, often for a very long time?

In this brand-new side chat we’re getting into 7 signs that you’re in denial, which include…

After you’ve listened, leave a comment below to let us know if (gulp) you’ve been in denial and what variety has been your go-to.


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