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One of Kristen’s clients came to her recently in a bit of a frenzy, saying:

“I have SO many things that need work — my career, my marriage, my health, my friendships — and they’re ALL important. How do I pick one thing to focus on? And what if it takes forever and then the other things start to suffer even more?? Or I miss out on opportunities because I was too fixated on one thing?!”

If just reading that gave you anxiety, take a deep breath. 😮💨

And then listen in to this brand-new Side Chat, because we’re diving into how to spend your time and make good choices, especially when everything feels urgent and you’re pressed for time. 

We’re talking about…

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  1. I loved the story about the energy healer’s son. This got me thinking about how when I endure things in life that I don’t like, I should tell myself maybe it’s serving a purpose I don’t know about yet. What a help it is, because I often forget! Also, it helped to be reminded that you can’t choose wrong. That takes so much pressure off. I often find myself second-guessing little things, like “would I have felt better if I’d eaten ___ instead of ___?” And people have told me that despite whether you make the best choice you could’ve made or not, things will even out eventually if you embrace whatever is in your lap at the moment and deal with it as best as you can. And whether something goes great or not, you always learn something!

  2. Oh, and have you seen the movie Sliding Doors? It illustrates (in a literal way) how you “can’t miss your bus.” 🙂

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