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A trend we’ve noticed with almost every people-pleaser we’ve coached (or anyone who cares too much about what others think) is that they have a really hard time knowing who they are and what they want.

It makes sense. When you’ve spent your whole life looking outward — “What will make these people happy?” “Who do I need to be to be liked, loved and accepted?” — then there’s no space to go inward and consider who you are and what you want. And sadly, often you’ve been actively discouraged from asking those questions at all. You’re told it’s “selfish.”

You can probably relate, and so can Rachael Tomasello. In this month’s brand-new interview with a normal person, Rachel and Rachael got into…

There is SO much to relate to in this one. Leave a comment after you’ve listened to share what resonated with you most!


Caring too much about what other people think is one of the TOP reasons people struggle to know who they are or what they want out of life. Before you can find direction, it helps to get to the root of one of your deepest blocks!

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  1. Who knew there were so many little farm girls who asked what’s wrong with me and stifled herself to keep her head down, work hard for what everyone else wanted?
    This podcast makes me realize I’ve been playing small and working at cross-purposes all my adult life. Wonder what is underneath!
    🙏 you, Rachael

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