Three pieces of BIG news!

big news

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First and foremost: May the Fourth be with you. 

Secondly: WHEW, do we have a litany of important news to share!

Listen in today as we break down some major events happening in the Clarity on Fire world. The teasers include…

  • Why we’re significantly changing how we do 1:1 coaching for the first time since we started 9 years ago … and what that means if you’re interested in working with us this time around.
  • A book announcement many of you have been waiting years for.
  • A major life change for Rachel, and the things she’s cooking up for you behind the scenes as a result.
  • … and a story about a snake scaring the crap out of Kristen, just for fun.

If you miss this one, you’ll be about as informed as someone Obi Wan Kenobi just mind erased with the Force (I will NOT apologize for this example on Star Wars day), so do yourself a favor and listen in.


One-on-one coaching will be open for enrollment again on Friday, May 14! A few pointers to keep in mind:

  • We’ll be taking on about 10-15 people in this new wave.
  • This is for people interested in getting started in May or June.
  • You don’t have to know for sure that you want to move ahead with coaching. You just have to be serious enough about it to want to have a conversation.
  • If you’re not ready now, or you’ve found us in-between “official” enrollment periods, then you can add your name to the wait list and we’ll contact you if and when we have an availability.

If you’re seriously considering coaching, check out this page for all the details so you know what to expect!


We’re doing our first quarterly Zoom with Krachel for our Patreon members next Wednesday, May 12th at 1pm Eastern! This inaugural hangout will be “ask us anything” style. ☺

Unlike monthly community meetups, this will be recorded. So, if you’re a Flame tier member, you can enjoy the replay if you aren’t able to attend live! Become a patron, here! 


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