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Bekah Trice is a self-described wellness junkie.

There are a LOT of healing modalities out there — therapy, coaching, massage, acupuncture, human design, tapping, and energy healing, to name a few — and she’s tried them all. I like to think of her as a wellness concierge; she’s dabbled in everything, so she’s naturally great at helping people figure out what might work for them.

Of course, the very act of seeking out various healing practices means you sense there’s something within you that needs healing. Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome, people pleasing, low self-confidence, a history of trauma, or a loss of trust in yourself and/or the world, we all could use some emotional and spiritual healing (especially after the year we’ve collectively had!).

Tune in to this week’s episode with a normal person to hear more about Bekah’s healing journey. Kristen & Bekah got into…

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Bekah is one of our favorite clients- she has been working with Kristen since 2014. What we love about her evolution and wanted to share in today’s interview is her commitment to continuous experimentation with all types of healing modalities in an effort to dig deep and really identify those pieces holding her back. She’s always looking for ways to tap into her inner goddess, and she’s committed to keeping it real, authentic, and fully alive.

She now resides in the NYC metro area, and is working in what was her dream job- doing enterprise software sales for a fortune 100 organization. A true Side Hustler, she has pursued multiple career paths- a stint on Capitol Hill, jobs in HR consulting and technology recruiting, and now software sales.

Want to connect with Bekah? Email us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to put you in touch.


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