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Surprise! After a 7-month hiatus, we’re back today with a brand-new episode of the podcast! 🤩

And wow … a lot can happen in 7 months. So much so that we took almost 90 minutes just to update you on everything that’s happened since June of last year. 

So, listen in as we get into:

And it’s not just the podcast that’s back. As of today, we’re also opening the doors for a handful of new coaching clients … read on for more info!


If you’re …

Very clear about what you don’t want out of your life and career, but know you need to dive a whole lot deeper into what you do want …

A little nervous about the prospect of massive change (but at this point in your life, you also deeply understand that the only real risk is not changing) …

Looking for individual attention – someone to hold you accountable – and the benefit of substantial coaching expertise focused solely on you, then we’ve got good news …

We’re CURRENTLY accepting applications for new coaching clients! 

We officially open doors for new clients just a few times per year, so if now feels like the right time, let’s talk.

Ready to talk about it? Fill out the form on this page to apply, and one of us will schedule an info session with you!


As you heard if you listened to this episode, Kristen started another business! It’s called White Stork Coffee, and it’s a coffee & wellness company for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or generally wanting to balance their hormones for optimal health. 

She’s offering the first 100 people who fill out this form a totally free (shipping also free!) sample of her soon-to-be-released Fertility Spice Blend. 

Plus, get 25% off your first order of coffee here!

And be sure to follow White Stork Coffee on Instagram @whitestorkcoffeeco. 


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  1. Welcome Back Kristen and Rachel!!! I loved this update!

    Kristen – Just ordered my spice blend so excited to try it. And ordering a bag of the half-caff too!

    Rachel – So happy that you are in a relationship! Also my brother’s now wife met my whole family for the first time at my Nana’s funeral. So that is a good sign.

    Looking forward to the new episodes.

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