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Yes, you read that subject line right — we’re taking another hiatus from the podcast … because one of us is having a baby! 🤰🏼👀

So, without further ado, dive into this special episode where we share …

We’ll still be posting on Instagram occasionally while we’re away, so follow us @clarityonfire if you haven’t yet. You can also follow Rachel personally @racheleast18 and Kristen @whitestorkcoffeeco!


Even though we won’t be podcasting for a while, we will still be coaching (until one of us starts maternity leave)!

So, if you’re feeling the urge to work with us, don’t wait for a nudge!

Feel free to fill out the form on this page at any time, and we’ll schedule an intro chat to talk about the possibility of coaching.

And if you want to try out a little coaching before making a big commitment, then grab yourself a Power Hour! It’s a 75-minute coaching session where we’ll laser-focus on whatever issue is keeping you most stuck. Bonus, you can apply the cost of your Power Hour toward future 1:1 coaching!


Rachel started a Substack account! Her newsletter is Half Agony / Half Hope: Content, community, & coaching for women navigating the perils and joys of singledom, dating, and relationships.

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And there’s also a special 1-on-1 coaching subscription! These members receive everything paid subscribers do, as well as six hour-long coaching sessions a year (one every 2 months)!

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As you may already know, but definitely learned if you heard this episode, Kristen started another business! It’s called White Stork Coffee, and it’s a coffee & wellness company for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or generally wanting to balance their hormones for optimal health.

She’s offering a limited number of people who fill out this form a totally free (shipping also free!) sample of her soon-to-be-released Fertility Spice Blend.

Plus, get 25% off your first order of coffee here!

And be sure to follow White Stork Coffee on Instagram @whitestorkcoffeeco.


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