One of the biggest fears we are constantly coaching people around is the (often all-consuming) anxiety that they’ll screw themselves over. They’ll make the wrong choice, and in doing so, irrevocably mess up their life and create a ripple effect that lasts … forever.

This (as Marty McFly might have said) is heavy, man. And thankfully, it’s not true.





choose wrong


What if you inherently believed that every choice you made was ultimately the right one?

Note that we didn’t say a “good” choice or the “best” choice.

Because we know that very often, we don’t make objectively “good” choices. And far from making the best choice … often, in the moment, we make the objectively worst choice we possibly could. But what if, regardless of our regret and how crappy the fallout looks at the time, that it was still the right choice?

What if it were physically impossible to screw yourself over? What if, regardless of the objective quality of your choice, you end up learning exactly what you need to learn? What if you meet someone important down that path? Or get introduced to a career choice you never would have thought of? Or learn SO much from having done the “wrong” thing that you basically earn a Master’s in what it looks like to do the right thing?

Because if this was your philosophy … your crippling fear about making the wrong choice would disappear.

{And for the record, this isn’t an excuse to keep making purposefully bad choices as a convenient justification for not changing or growing. “I can’t choose wrong” isn’t a crutch.}

When you deeply believe that you aren’t capable of making the wrong choice, you’ve infused freedom and purpose into every decision, regardless of how it turns out. And life becomes a lot more of an adventure.

And even when you’ve made the “wrong” choice … you’ve made the right one. We like those odds.

twitter-birdYou can’t choose wrong. #ClarityGems

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Rachel + Kristen

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