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Need a little clarity, guidance, or just a fun pick-me-up?

Then today’s your day, because we’re back with another Message from the Universe episode! ✨👀🔮

We pulled a few cards from The Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid. One or all has a message for you — come find out what it is! 

And we started this episode with a little sermon from Rachel about a very hot, dare we say controversial topic, that you REALLY need to hear. 🔥 

Check out the cards and written descriptions here:

Dry Desert
“Dig deep for inspiration and truth. Now is the time to become resilient and adaptable.”

Is your life presenting you with opportunities that seem to yield nothing? Have your ideas dried up? Does it feel like you’re on an endless journey through a dry, hot, lifeless desert? This card reminds you that there are times when you’re meant to become resilient as you journey through harsher circumstances. You’re being required to conserve your energy – until, after consistent effort, you reach the oasis you’re searching for.

Consider the creatures that live in these conditions: They have adapted to thrive in spite of the outer environment. In a desert, water–essential for life–can be found deep underground. Go deep within yourself now … find truth there. Let Spirit sustain you while you locate the real Source. Whatever it is you’re asking about will not be found in the conditions you’re in until you move past the surface of things and choose to do the real work and discover the answers deep within you. This may not seem like the most productive time, but looks are deceiving. This is a most important place to find what’s truly right for you!

“You are always safe and secure, and free to be yourself!”

Asking for help isn’t easy for many successful people. However, that’s what you need to do now as you expand your life. If you find yourself troubled, you can expect help with whatever issue is at hand now. You need only ask, and assistance will come your way.

The most important support you can expect is from Spirit. Get into a right relationship with the Divine and you’ll see that many conditions line up as if by magic to provide you with all the help you need. Ask and you will receive. There is no need to fear. Safety is a place within.

Spirit of Place
“Authenticity is the essence of power.”

Our ancestors believed that every place has a Spirit looking after it or embodying it: Just as we have a soul, the plants, trees, birds, mountains, and rivers have their own essences.

When the Spirit of Place arrives in your reading, it says that the answer to your query is in the overarching theme of your circumstances. Is your question about a struggle? The answer is to relax and let go of your need to control the situation. If your inquiry relates to finding love, then embody love rather than long for it. Once you find the essential truth that underlies your question and then name it, you’ll discover the answer you’ve been seeking. Your greatest power is your authenticity.

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  1. Oof! I listened to this one three times in a row. I guess as you say at the end, there’s almost always something that feels perfectly timed about these.

    Recently I’ve been feeling a lot more down and frustrated than I ever have. Kept feeling that about-to-cry feeling in my throat most days, little annoyances making me boil up so quickly, and not really being sure (or at least not willing to accept) why it was so intense or if I could do anything about it.

    That desert card was an instant “yup, you got me.” I’m actually the person who submitted the message about the dream with Joe Pee Pants and my colleague – another episode I then listened to multiple times – and I ended up telling my colleague how I felt. He started out with wishy washy “could be nice” responses but then said he wasn’t comfortable with dating a colleague. The dream/situation, your helpful response to it, and then my feelings in reaction to his answer did put into perspective the pretty messed up patterns around love I’ve been carrying since childhood. And I think that was a big reason why I started to feel so down, feeling like I’m just wired to never be successful in a relationship which is something I’ve wanted for so long.

    Then the rescue card aligned with the thought I’ve been having about how interesting it is that, when we’re lonely, it often makes us isolate more. And how hard it is to do things we know are good for us – a seemingly backwards thing but so real. Absolutely true that it’s difficult for so many of us to not ask for help. Even as I write this I’m waiting for a colleague who kindly offered to give me a spare table she has for free, and I kept saying things like “no, let me pay” or “let me make it as easy as possible for you to drop it off” or “let me give you something in return,” forgetting that people often find true joy in offering help and kindness.

    It’s nice that these readings, even on the lower end of the belief/spirituality spectrum, can just be reinforcements for the things we can keep in mind through hard times, things you had in the back of your mind already that the universe was like “yeah, that! Look at that more! You got it!”

    Thank you so much for these episodes 😊🩷

    1. Hey Laura,

      It’s great to get an update from you! The way I see it as a coach, the increased frustration, about-to-cry feelings, little annoyances, etc. that you described are symptoms of processing old wounds and pain. It’s a really hard but necessary step in healing old patterns. I don’t believe for a second that you’re wired to never be in a successful relationship! And, like all of us, you may need help in sorting through those patterns and creating new wiring. The intensity of your feelings right now might be a result of being extra aware of those patterns, without knowing yet what to do about them. If you haven’t already, now would be the ideal time to work with someone on that! Therapy, coaching, etc. – you don’t have to sit with and process those feelings on your own, and the patterns will shift a LOT quicker if you don’t! 🙂

  2. Omg the fact that you used “help is on the way dear” was perfect. I literally watched Mrs. Doubtfire this week because I saw a meme about it that made me laugh. So it’s the third time I’ve thought about that funny line this week. Which is fitting because we are trying to figure out daycare for our kid and one of the options I thought I could count on may not come through. But it’s obvious with this reading that “help is on the way dear!” You must read that in Robin Williams voice! 🤣 thanks ladies.

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