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We’ve all been living in this strange new world for a few months now, complete with stay-at-home orders, face masks, and social distancing. And many of us are settling into whatever version of normal we can find.

And yet, there’s this lingering uncertainty that we’re all facing, both personally and globally. When will this pandemic end? Will I be able to keep my job? Will anyone I love get sick? What about my plans for later in the year? How long until I can travel to see my friends and family again? Will life ever go back to the way it was?

R.A.Williams was already in the exciting but unsteady early stages of starting a new business when the pandemic hit and piled another heaping serving of uncertainty onto her plate. But instead of feeling crippled by overwhelm, she’s remained optimistic, learned to adapt, and generally done an admirable job of keeping the faith that things are all working out.

Kristen wanted to hear how she’s maintained her positive outlook in the midst of so much uncertainty. In this month’s interview with a normal person, they got into…

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R.A.Williams is a London-based Business Coach who works with individuals and organisations to manage and master change at work. She came to business, strategy and career coaching from a background in Finance and Strategy Consulting followed by a role in a Christian Charitable Trust coaching and mentoring leaders. She is especially grateful to God for her family and for the joys of living in the best city in the world. She loves people, surprises and being surprised by people (in good ways!) and cannot wait for lockdown to end.

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Instagram: @rwilliamscoaching

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