Bonus Book Club! Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

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Where are all of our bookworms/nerds/fellow Ravenclaws at??

We figure you guys are probably just as obsessed with reading as we are, which is why we’ve got a special BONUS podcast episode for you this week: a book-club-style conversation about one of our very favorite non-fiction books, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert!

If we were to create a Life Syllabus, this book would be on the reading list FOR SURE. It’s one of those rare books that doesn’t just put a slightly new spin on stuff you’ve heard over and over again, but makes you see SO many facets of life (and especially creativity) through a completely new lens.

We each pulled a few of our favorite parts to talk about, including:

  • What the REAL definition of creativity is, and why most of us are totally wrong about it.
  • Why being “good” at something is overrated (and irrelevant).
  • How to not get caught up in other people’s feedback (negative AND positive) about the work you create.
  • Why perfectionism is nothing to brag about (and is actually just fear wrapped in a fancy package).
  • The shit sandwich! One of our favorite analogies for deciding if something is worth pursuing.
  • How to release the pressure of needing the thing you’re passionate about to pay the bills.

Leave us a comment after you’ve listened and let us know what YOUR favorite part of Big Magic is, and if you haven’t read it yet, what resonated most from this conversation!



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