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There’s a time and place for more grounded, astute, in-depth reflections about life and what to do about your problems (that’s what blogs and, you know, every other episode of this podcast are for). But sometimes you just need a good, righteous rant. It’s cathartic!

So, every once in a while, instead of writing a new blog or republishing an old one, I’m going to spend a few minutes getting fired up about something, in the hopes that I’ll get you fired up, too, and maybe even snap you out of whatever daze you’ve found yourself in.

Today I’m ranting about how obsessed we all are with getting it — every choice, big or small — right, and how screwy a notion that is. I got into…

After you’ve listened, leave a comment below to let me know what you think of this installment of Rachel Rants, and what you might like me to rant about next!

Much Love,

Rachel (& Kristen)


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  1. This episode had me mindblown! In an episode a while back, Rachel mentioned, “What’s meant for you can’t miss you,” and that phrase freed up a lot of the stress I’ve felt about making “right” decisions.

    Lately, I’d been feeling a little stuck about what direction to take next and kept wondering, “Which experience is meant for me right now?” The idea of equifinality freed up that lingering stress — it’s a great reminder that the only way to make progress is to throw some spaghetti on the wall, see what sticks, and go from there. Thank you for the timely reminder! xx

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